Domaine L&C Poitout – AOC Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru


• Location and history

it is in 2011 that the adventure begins for Catherine and Louis Poitout in Chablis with the acquisition of a domain in the Department of Yonne. Both from a family of winemakers, the L & C Poitout domain performs their first harvest in 2012 but it is from the 2013 vintage bottling is carried out in the field. Looking for quality, Catherine and Louis are working with passion on this exceptional terroir.

• Soils and vineyards

the L & C Patil Estate Vineyard stretches over 18 hectares and produced six vintages on the appellations Petit Chablis, Chablis and Chablis 1er Cru (100% chardonnay). The soils are famous limestone of the Kimmeridgian limestone dominant. The latter is defined by an alternation of very compact limestone layers and soft clayey marls containing fossilized marine organisms (exogyra virgula). One of the particularities of this area is to produce a foot franc Petit-Chablis, a rarity in Burgundy! This parcel of 55 ares indeed stood the phylloxera crisis thanks to its constitution clay and fat.

• Expertise

o in viticulture: "If the vine goes, everything goes," it is the committed leitmotiv of Catherine and Louis Poitout! Indeed, whereas the vine as a real living being, it is in listening and observation that they intervene in their vineyard. They promote biodiversity in their plots by treating and healing the vine in appropriate and precise way.
o In winemaking: the grapes are mechanical except for the plot of Petit Chablis for franc's foot 'L'Inextinct' which is harvested manually. Winemaking is patchy to facilitate the expression and typicity of each of the soils. After the berries have been delicately pressed, the juices are routed in vats stainless steel to achieve their alcoholic fermentation.
o In farming: farms, for each cuvée, are carried out in stainless steel tanks to preserve the aromatic freshness as well as the signing of the vintage.

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