Domaine Sainte Marie...trusted IziWine, the easy wine, has to send its wines abroad.


...Our main goal is to try the best to produce a fine wine which reflects our exquisite land of Provence.

From the vigne to the bottle, our team uses precision every detailed step of the way.

The grapevine is being converted biological.

The soil is regularly and carefully worked. A strictly bio compost is brought on a yearly basis.

Grape harvests are performed at night and the wines are always kept under thermal control.

With the help of a pneumatic press, stainless steel tanks, semi-buried tanks and our constant human control we are able to create nothing less than quality wines.

Our well known expertise allows us to accept numerous medals as well as flattering articles every year...


The Domaine Sainte Marie traces its origins back to the XVIIIth century. Back then it belonged to a monastery, the chartreuse de la Verne, located in the Massif des Maures a few kilometers away. At that time, less than 10 hectares were cultivated as vines.

In 1884, a terrible cholera epidemic befell on the region but miraculously spared the vineyard. As a token of gratitude, a statue of Sainte Marie was erected. From there on the vineyard bears the name of the holy virgin. 

Multiple generations of winemakers worked towards developing an exceptional soil and producing wines of the highest quality. In 2003, the vineyard was acquired by the Duburcq family, who lead a deep renovation of the land, the buildings as well as all of the winemaking equipment 

Oscillating between minimalistic modernity and a timeless charm, the bergerie, surrounded by vines, offers you an absolute serenity and a wonderful view on the vineyard. 

The wines and the terroir

The vineyard is 276 hectares large, 40 of which are vines.

The vines grow on a silica soil, containing micaschists, schists and white quartz. The grapes benefit from the southern exposure of the hilly slopes they grow on.

The subtility of the Sainte Marie wine is partly due to the great variety of its grapes : Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet, Carigan, Mourvèdre, Sémillon, Tiburen, Clairette, Rolle, Ugni-Blanc. 

On average, the vines are 30 years old. They benefit from a hot and dry climate on summer, with cool nights all year round. That range of temperatures is perfect and allows us to reach a very beautiful maturity. 

Since 2008, the vineyard begun its conversion to organic farming. All of the 40 hectares of vine are treated mecanicly whithout any herbicide added.

All the fertilizers and treatments we use are from organic origin. Even if this conversion dercreased the vines’ yield, the quality of our last harvests encourages us into this ecological approach. 

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